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Pool Leak Detection & Repair


Noticed your pool level is dropping?

Our leak detection procedure is one of the most thorough in the industry, and we focus on educating you, the client throughout the process. If we can’t locate your leak, there is no charge for the visit!


Water Level Changes

Cracks or Falling Tile


Wet Spots in Yard

High Water Bills

Water Under Equipment


Air or Dirt Blown Into Pool


Algae Growth

Our services

Water Loss Analysis 

The Leakalyzer enables you to quickly determine if a pool is losing water, and how much water it's losing. This super sensitive device measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, and tracks these changes in real time on a digital graph. Watching this real-time data enables you to identify leaks in as little as 5-10 minutes. 


Pressure Testing 

Inducing air through the suction and return lines of the swimming pool plumbing, and closing off all other orifices of the plumbing in order to build pressure and determine if a line is broken. These lines are normally pressure tested at 20 PSI for 20 minutes to ensure an accurate test.

Hydrophone Test 

Hydrophones are microphones that have been waterproofed so they can be used underwater. By positioning the hydrophone close to a suspected structural leak, or by slipping them inside pipes or down skimmer throats the distinctive sound of water escaping from the pool can often be heard.

Underground Pipe

Pool pipes that are underground are not usually the cause of pool leaks, but they can be broken from freeze damage, tree roots, settling decks or shifting soils. Flex pipe (Flexible PVC pipe) can be damaged by earwigs or chlorine, and is not recommended for underground use. Replacing underground flex PVC pipe with rigid PVC pipe is a common repair on 30 year old pools, so common that we’ve done a whole blog post on flex pipe skimmer repair.

Leak Inspectons

The report includes only those conditions, which were  observable after a reasonable examination of the pool/spa operating condition on the date of the  inspection. PDF with photos.

Dye Testing

It is applied with a syringe close to the area where the spa tub or swimming pool leak is suspected. The pump should be off and the water still for this test. The color will be sucked into the crack or fissure that is causing the leak. The dye identifies the area and the water movement into the fissure. All dye colors will eventually dissipate in the water.

For leak detection services follow this steps

Have more than Leaks? Take a look at our renovations.

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